Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures that Conserve Water

Local plumbers in Valley Village, CA, can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom fixtures today!Saving money on water costs is a goal of many homeowners. Unfortunately, many people in the Valley Village area live in homes that are several decades old and may still have the original kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Although these faucets may still work relatively well, a simple upgrade could help you conserve more water and save more money.

Consider Bathroom Faucet Installation

Today there are plenty of eco-friendly shower faucets and sink faucets that are made to use minimal amounts of water without sacrificing water flow. These fixtures are sleek and modern giving any bathroom an instant facelift and reducing water. It’s a win-win situation. Ask your Valley Village plumber about the benefits of eco-friendly bathroom faucet installation.

The Benefits No-Touch Kitchen Faucet Installation

How many times have you turned on the kitchen faucet while cooking and walked away from it while it is still on? A lot of people opt to leave the faucet running while they are prepping meals so they don’t touch the faucet with meat-soiled hands. While this may be the sanitary thing to do, it certainly isn’t doing you any favors in terms of conserving water.

An alternative to leaving the water running is to install a no-touch kitchen faucet. These faucets have a sensor that detects motion and turns the water on only for the time that your hands are in front of the sensor. These faucets are similar to faucets found in public restrooms.

Don’t Put Off Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Lastly, the best way to conserve water is to fix a leaky faucet. Taps that drip waste as much as 200 gallons of water in a 24 hour (depending on the drips per minute rate). A leaky faucet can also lead to additional plumbing problems that may require costly repairs. If you want to save money, don’t ignore a broken faucet. Get bathroom and kitchen faucet repair at your earliest convenience.

For more information about replacing kitchen and bathroom fixtures with eco-friendly options, call Valley Village Plumbing & Drain today. Our licensed and bonded plumbers are experts in green plumbing solutions and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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